Beauty on a Budget….what?

Yes!  You can still look gorgeous without the price, and these are some I use and swear by!  I’ve used high-end products  and end up coming back to these, so there must be something to them, right?  And no, it’s not just the price at all, these are great products, so let’s see what I have to share with you!

These are all super products, most $10 or under!

Three items I swear by, one for hair, skin and of course hands and nails!

Have you seen any or all of these products?  The most common is the Hair One, available at Sally Beauty and a few other outlets.  This products compares to Wen®, a much more pricey hair & scalp cleanser.  What is so great about this product?  This product is a 2-in-1, you use it to clean and condition. 

Wow, I use this and my hair looks and feels like silk.

The products are all natural, Sulfate free, no damaging detergents or harsh chemicals and Formulated with natural herbs and oils.  In the month I’ve been using, my hair is like silk.  There are four different formulations, one for color-treated (jojoba), dry scalp (tea tree), normal (cucumber aloe) that sounds so wonderful and for oily (olive oil). 

I’ve used approx one 12 oz bottle in about a month; now that sounds pricey until you consider, it’s both shampoo and conditioner, you don’t need anything else, unless you use styling products.

You can get this as of this date for $10/bottle at Sally Beauty and free shipping!  I see Amazon also carries it for $11.95 and shipping costs.

My bottom line on this one is it’s a winner, well worth the money to keep your hair in great condition, you just need to follow the directions!

Ok, moving along, I do have three products to share, and the next I found while at a vitamin store, and just stumbled over it.  It’s by Earth Science Products, and it’s wonderful.  The product is called:   Earth Science Aloe Vera Complexion Toner and Freshener  Big name for a great product!  I’ve been using it now for about 3 years, and I seriously have tried high-priced, name brand skin toners, but none compare! 

Earth Science Aloe Vera toner & freshener

 Ok, the nitty-gritty about it (aka boring but essential stuff): 

Alcohol free – for dry/sensitive skin.
A unique alcohol-free toner which normalizes the skin to its proper pH while removing every last trace of dirt, makeup and impurities.  This revitalizing, cooling toner helps to make pores less visible.  It is non-drying, and actually helps to moisturize the skin with the richness of 85% Aloe, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Kelp.  Prepares skin to receive a moisturizer.  pH 5.5.

Ingredients: Aloe juice, sea kelp extract, chamomile extract, calendula extract, panthenol, licorice root extract, glycerin (vegetable), zinc sulfate, lactic acid, grapefruit seed extract, allantoin, lavender oil, hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, retinyl palmitate, cellulose gum, potassium sorbate, annatto extract, fragrance. Not tested on animals. hypoallergenic.  Free Of Animal ingredients, methyl and propyl parabens and alcohol.                                                                 Made in  the USA

Now guys, did you note the great ingredients, and the lack of alcohol?  I bought it to try 3 years ago, because of the ingredients, and still love it.  It comes in an 8oz bottle, I use it twice daily, unless I am really hot from this heat, then I’ll use it three times, and a bottle lasts about 3 months!  And now the price, I’ve never spent more than $5/bottle for it!  When I need to replenish my stash, I go to and pop it in there and see who has it the cheapest and also check the shipping!

OH!  And for those with oily skin, YES there is a formulation for you too!  Sorry I’ve never tried it, so I can’t judge it, but I’d guess it’s equally as nice.  It is called:  Earth Science Clarifying Herbal Astringent, Oily/Combination Skin.

Ok, the bottom line on this product, I wouldn’t be without it!  Even if I had to spend double the price, it makes my skin soft, clean, not tight-well I love it! 

Ok, product three, the last for today, did you think I’d get to it?  This product is NOT cheap, HOWEVER, you can find it online for around $5/bottle, (the retail is $40, the usual price runs around $30).  Now if you can snag Poshe Potion of Youth Hand and Nail Creme by Poshe, RUN, don’t walk and get it, stock up on it!  I bought 6 bottles for $30, the price of one.

Ok, here is what they say it does:

  • Moisturizes and exfoliates dry skin for younger, healthier looking hands and nails.
  • Anti-aging — helps fade age spots
  • Moisturizes and Hydrates
  • Promotes healthy nail growth
  • Contains anti-aging peptides and Retinol

I’ll go along with all of the above, if it has a draw back, it tends to fade my deep colored nail polishes, but to have the nails grow quicker, keep the cuticles softer and have such soft skin, that is not a big problem, I love polishing my nails anyway.

I did see some writes up about this product having a strong scent; when I got my first bottle I was afraid it would, most lotions I want to use do, and with my allergies, I just can’t use them.  I think this has a soft, pleasant scent.  My hands are softer than ever, after I give myself a manicure, this really helps the cuticles (yes I still use oil on the cuticles), my hands are truly pretty.

Bottom line on this product, well I said it above….if you can get it for a great price, go for it, to be safe if you have a problem with scents, smell it, but I sure am not bothered by it!



too hot to write~!

…But here I am, still alive, despite the heat that most of the USA is experiencing-wow, this is what we called in Minnesota, “oppressive“.  But life goes on…I went shopping with my friend and her daughter yesterday, it’s a lot of fun shopping for teenagers, and I love love love fashion, so I am the make-believe aunt to bring with.  And if I do say so, Cassie is going to be the hottest looking 17-year-old in highschool!

Then we three hot ladies went to J. Alexander’s and ate, if you haven’t eaten there, three people need a table for 6 for the amount of food they serve.  We all stared at it, ate some, had them pack up a lot of it to go.  We came back to my home, made that poor, overly fed child show us clothes again and we sat and complained about being full, the heat and the rain!  So there you go!

Now if you made it this far, you’re a saint!  So let me give you some **tips** the first could well be free!  If you are a fingernail fanatic, (and have a ton of products, some you don’t use) and wish you had a way to prolong your manicures, this should work, I’ve tried it, after thinking it up; then had my friend try it prior to doing her labor intensive job and even her manicure stayed on, only her tips needed touching up, wow, we were impressed!  So what’s the secret?  Clear Base Coat!  Do you have a bunch of base coats you won’t crazy about?  Ok, here is what you do, use your good base coat/ridge filler (it can be whatever you like, clear, beige, whatever), I am testing them right now, I use to love Orly Bonder, but my nails got so yellow, I am hunting, next put on your lovely color (always wait at least 2 minutes or more between coats-if using basecoat, wait til it’s completely dry), now before you use your top coat, take that bottle of clear base coat, and put a coat over your polish, yes, base coat.  Finally, use your top coat.  When all is dry, you should be good for a good week to 10 days, I have a difficult time getting it off!

Here are my nails from 4 days ago, no touch ups, and I am not easy on them.

If you try this, please let me know how it goes for you!  Or other ideas you have!!  I love to share.

Next, one of the most often seen questions I see in blogs, is how do the people in the pictures get the polish so perfect?  There is a real method….whatever you call it, “three stroke”, “j method”, on and on go the names and they don’t matter what matter is how easy it makes applying polish neatly.  Two things not mentioned, your polish has to be the proper consistency, I don’t care how good you are, if it’s too thick, you’re going to get a sloppy mess, it’s something you’ll get a feel  for rather quickly, have a bottle of nail polish thinner on hand, do NOT use paint thinner, it will ruin your polish.

Also as you come off the end of each nail, take the end of the brush and run it across the end or tips of your nails, it’s called “capping” one of probably a million names.  Again the name doesn’t matter, it prolongs the manicure, helps prevent chipping, and shrinking, and if you use those wonderful quick dry drops, you can really get shrinking of the polish, and this really prevents that.

Once upon a time there was a fabulous film on that showed so well the method of applying polish, I loved it.  I spent an evening going through videos and saw some really bad applications, and finally came upon this gal and she is good, she doesn’t show in slow motion the method of application, but she does it, so watch, and go back a bit and watch again.  Now this is a long video, it’s a complete manicure, but I thought, why not?  If you don’t know all the steps, this has it, so you can go to:  Perfect At Home Manicure Tutorial.      All credit for this video goes to MissChievous, the gal who made the video, she as a lot of awesome videos there; if you get started watching them, it’s addicting!  I’ve seen all of Misschievous and she is amazing with nails and makeup!

Ok ladies (and those gents who are into polish and makeup and I say why not?!) go forth and get those nails perfect and keep that polish on for nearly 2 weeks!  If you’re in one of the hot zones, do try to stay cool!   

Happy 4th of July!

Well this morning I wasn’t feeling up to going to a friend’s cook out, sorry Sissy, we’ll get together soon, promise!  But throughout the day I’ve been working on my nails.  I used several new products, and I’d like to give my opinion on those products, and I of course have pictures and hints for you!  I have a lot to say, so let’s get going!

I wanted a polish that would “work” for the 4th, and the one I had the I thought worked, is from China Glaze, it’s called “Dorothy Who” from the Wizard Ooh Ahz  Collection (ruby pumps would have also been a great choice, but I don’t wear a lot of red so I couldn’t decide, or doing alternate fingers in ruby and Dorothy Who-WOW!  But I didn’t do that, nope, just Dorothy Who 🙂   ….ok, I may have to break down and either stamp on shooting stars, or if lazy, a sticker….moving on!

The products I used for this mani are all fairly new to me….they are pictured *  below:


The products from left to right back row first are: Poshe Basecoat, China Glaze Dorothy Who Nail Polish, Poshe Topcoat, Zoya Hurry Up Drying Drops and Avon Nail Polish Correction Pen.                                                                                  

 Ok first things first, I used a different cuticle remover, I tried Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover.  I used this with some hesitancy as in the past, these have caused the skin on the sides of my nails to  away from the nail and even  fall off and look awful!  So with this product, I only applied a small line to the bottom cuticle and at the end used what was left on my orange stick on the sides and it worked beautifully!  So will I keep using this cuticle remover, absolutely!  I’d give it 4 stars out of 5, I didn’t give it 5 because I did put a line of it up one finger and sure enough, the skin did pull away….

Sally Hansen Products

I just started using the Poshe products; I would have sworn by Orly’s Bonder Basecoat, however, my natural nails and that is all I have, I won’t ruin them with acrylics, were turning a dark gold, almost an orange!  Yucky pooh-pooh!  That wasn’t going to work!  I was an awesome basecoast as far as holding on  the polish, but I don’t like that much discoloration  Sooooo Poshe was my next trial and I’ll be following that with Nail Teks Foundation II, I’ll critic those at a later date!!

However, after just two tries,  my immediate thought was that despite Poshe’s claims, Seche Vite is still Shiner, at least on me.  I will use each product at least a month, to give it a fair trial!  *If any one out there truly knows of  a basecoat that doesn’t cause discoloration of the nails, please let me know!*  I’ll test it! 

The next product is the gorgeous polish, and it is gorgeous!  however, either I got the bad bottle (from a totally reliable supplier) or it’s a crazy formulation!  I got it on the first nail and it went on great and perfect and I was in love.  I redipped my brush for more polish went to my nails and darn, I had a runny blue liquid, no gitter which ran off my nail!  After cleaning up, I recapped the bottle and I know we don’t usually shake polish, however, this is a gel based polish, and I can’t imagine this formula getting bubbles, but as I shook to prevent air, I smacked it against my hand.  Well that worked for another finger….and I had to repeat the shaking…for every finger, I had to repeat the shaking (I’ll be calling China Glaze Tuesday to ask if the meant for this polish to be such a pain, I am sure they didn’t.  I used Two coats of the basecoat, I found it to be a less than great ridge filler.  Followed by two coats of polish and some touch ups.  Cleanups with the Avon clean up pen, one coat of top coat and one drop of Hurry Up drops per nail.

And here is the finished result pictured below*!

And aren’t they pretty for the 4th?!  They are a gorgeous deeper royal blue with a silver sparkle.  Love it!

Your tip of the day….if you’re a nail polish wearer, it’s good to carry some form of polish remover with you-not easy, right?!  But now it is, and it’s cheap too!  ELF has a great little nail polish remover pad in a small container of 18.  They fit easily anywhere!  And they are $1.00!   I usually take off my polish quick with other polish remover and then go back over them with these to clean up, they are great.   Now your **tip within a tip!**  When ordering from ELF,  go to google and search for ELF coupons, they usually have either free shipping or shipping for a $1.00.  If they don’t have that , they have a gift with purchase.  I think I’ve always gotten free shipping!  Also sign up for their specials, who knows what you’ll get, MAC Also has some great free shipping offers, you’ll need to sign up.  Another **tip within a tip!**  If you’re going to sign up with a lot of these stores you might want to open a google mail account or Hotmail, whatever you like and use it just for that, otherwise your email will get cluttered!

*Special thanks to my husband, Rick for the photo’s he took, he did a fab job, and it’s really appreciated!

Lets Get Gorgeous!

Well this is rather cool, now instead of talking to myself, I can talk to….myself online-haha! And if anyone should trip over this blog, hello!

 I will be dealing with mainly makeup and nail polish, nail polish is one of  my little joys in life, but lets be honest, there are other bloggers like Scrangie that have it covered so well, another isn’t needed,  and I don’t buy entire collections, I buy what I like, usually prior to buying I go to Scrangie’s blog and see the polish on her, because she is the queen of nail bloggers! So I’ll post what I like…and don’t. I’ll let you know why. I’ll give you beauty tips that are mine or that I’ve read about and think are excellent, and I’ll just ramble, because that is what I do best!  Right now I have about 100 nail polishes, an order for 10 coming.  Makeup, always coming; and ideas are always brewing!

So today isn’t a stellar day, our 4 legged fur balls are at the vet 😦 The collie had to have his teeth cleaned, I was so scared to do it, he acts really nuts from anesthesia, but I read here online some really nasty things that can happen if they get infection and it’s not treated, so we did it, and guess what, he had the beginning of infection! So it was good we did it-still it’s so quiet here-oh they both went even though only one had his teeth cleaned, they are inseparable, they are so cute, they are always together, the vet even said bring them both, so they behave!

The Kids

Those are my guys!  Aren’t they sweet?  And despite having their own beds, this is how they usually are, together-ahhhhhh.

No, I won’t turn this into a dog blog, hahaha.  But this is day one, and getting to know me, and today my mind is definitely with them.

OK, my big tip of the day….this is actually pretty cool, and I always do it when I want to look good for a while.  You know how you go out to eat, and in about 15 seconds of getting to the restaurant, your lipstick is gone?  Well this helps….First I use Benefit’s (oops I’ll add their link for you asap) Posietint, I love this product, it can be used on either lips or cheeks to give you some great color!  Anyway, I generally apply it once by dotting it on my lips, then blending it quickly before it dries! then I check and remove any that is loose, messy, whatever (whatever, what a great word!).  Then I reapply.  OK, got that so far, Posietint twice.  Now take your lipstick, the one I love love love is MAC Viva Glam Gaga, it is such a gorgeous pink!  Not only do I love this, “but every cent raised through the purchase of VIVA GLAM Gaga goes to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.”  Yes. I copied that off the MAC site so I’d have it worded perfectly!  But that makes me feel good when I buy it 🙂



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