Nail Foiling Tips


Well I’ve been gone a while from here, but I am back with a vengeance 🙂   So let’s hop right to it.

As you can see from my small blog, I love fingernails and all the fun things you can do with them, such as marbling, (look back to that post) polishes-I have a collection filling my closet!  So when I saw foils, I thought WOW, and I have to do this.  First I went to Trans Design (see list of links) and saw they sell little pre-made foiling kits, which are great, however, I felt they were too pricey and I wanted the ability to  choose my own patterns.  

So I hunted the internet and yes, my thriftiness played in here….but I found the best source for foiling supplies!  It’s called Dollar Nail Art  (I am linking it both here and it’s in my fav’s.  Anyway, as the name insinuates, everything cost $1.00!  So every roll of 5′ foil is $1.00!  They send you the glue free, I bought extra to be safe.   

Now there is a minimum order of $25.00, but it’s not easy to get to that at all….can you tell I am excited?  Ok, so I ordered 11 rolls of the foils, all my choice, not pre-packed (although you can buy them pre-packed cheaper, but I wanted to choose, and really….a buck?  I also ordered their laser lace (coming soon) some glitters, gemstones, well a little of a lot .  Now I have to tell you shipping was only like $5.00 and I got it within 5 days!  I mean how awesome is that?  

So now you’re thinking if you have seen the nice plastic box sold in the kit at  “Trans Design” that I don’t have a box to hold them, well yes I do!  I went to the Dollar Store and found this great box that is perfect!  I have it below~  

Maire Kaye's Nail Foiling Kit

Isn’t that great?  It cost me for the $14.00 including the box for all the above!  It’s fun to just look at, and from watching the vid’s on Youtube, I thought, this is going to be so easy!  My first few attempts bombed, and I tried several ideas I’d read online, including mixing polish with acetone for the glue, and no, that didn’t work for me, I probably had it mixed wrong….anyway, I finally decided that I should put a polish under the foil that was similar to the foil to help cover the huge areas that we’re sticking, and I kept trying.  So I was going with this wonder gold foil and used for my base color:  Zoya Richelle:  

Zoya ~ Richelle

This is just one coat of Richelle, covered really nice though didn’t it.  I waited for over an hour then I shook the glue really good, and applied to one finger at a time (to start) and OMG!  Every bit of it stuck!  Perfect foiling.  The most fingers I did at once was 2, I didn’t want to get ahead of the glue drying, have everything sticking to me, and hey, just because one finger worked, I wasn’t going to get to sure of myself!  Anyway, I did all 10 fingers, and this was the result:  

Gold nail foils

I am sitting here staring at this, I still can’t believe I did this.  For the foil application it took under an hour.  You need to cut them ahead of time and have everything ready.  

Ok, tips for success:  

  • I think it’s very wise to use a “base color” under the foil in case any of the foil doesn’t stick; you can go back and try to get it to “re-stick” but I didn’t have great luck with that.
  • Make sure you completely cover the nail with the glue, whatever brand, and wait the time they say to wait! 
  •  WAIT the  2-3 minutes the glue says to wait-before putting on the foil, I messed up a lot by not waiting.  The one I used looks like Elmer’s glue, it goes on white, and after the time stated it’s nearly clear…so you’ll know, if there is still white, I waited!
  • despite what I saw on many vid’s you need to rub gently over ALL area’s of the nail.  Without that slight pressure and rubbing, it just didn’t stick right; when I did it, I had no problem.
  • Finally, the Top coat!  I was concerned between the time I ordered the foils and received them that they weren’t going to work, as there is apparently no topcoat that will work with it.  I tried a huge list of them, all I had.  I also tried clear polish.  Then it happened, Nubar Diamont (link in fav’s) doesn’t eat through the foils, neither does Poshe base coat (the blue-bottle)!  Both held the foils on the same, didn’t eat through them, and didn’t give them that cracked looked-I did wait a good 15 minutes for the foils to dry before applying either of these.  Be advised, fast drying anything will not work.

So that’s it, it’s my first go at nail foiling, but I have a lot of foil, so look for more to come.  

My nail polish for you today is from the NEW  MAC Venomous Villains Collection, and it’s called Bad Fairy.  This is a gorgeous polish!  It went on like a dream, and no matter what the light, it looks a different color.  It’s a rose/magenta color with red.  Last night it the soft light it looked like a copper loaded with gold.  


…to sum it up, I LOVE this color, and may have to buy a spare!