Nail Foiling Tips


Well I’ve been gone a while from here, but I am back with a vengeance 🙂   So let’s hop right to it.

As you can see from my small blog, I love fingernails and all the fun things you can do with them, such as marbling, (look back to that post) polishes-I have a collection filling my closet!  So when I saw foils, I thought WOW, and I have to do this.  First I went to Trans Design (see list of links) and saw they sell little pre-made foiling kits, which are great, however, I felt they were too pricey and I wanted the ability to  choose my own patterns.  

So I hunted the internet and yes, my thriftiness played in here….but I found the best source for foiling supplies!  It’s called Dollar Nail Art  (I am linking it both here and it’s in my fav’s.  Anyway, as the name insinuates, everything cost $1.00!  So every roll of 5′ foil is $1.00!  They send you the glue free, I bought extra to be safe.   

Now there is a minimum order of $25.00, but it’s not easy to get to that at all….can you tell I am excited?  Ok, so I ordered 11 rolls of the foils, all my choice, not pre-packed (although you can buy them pre-packed cheaper, but I wanted to choose, and really….a buck?  I also ordered their laser lace (coming soon) some glitters, gemstones, well a little of a lot .  Now I have to tell you shipping was only like $5.00 and I got it within 5 days!  I mean how awesome is that?  

So now you’re thinking if you have seen the nice plastic box sold in the kit at  “Trans Design” that I don’t have a box to hold them, well yes I do!  I went to the Dollar Store and found this great box that is perfect!  I have it below~  

Maire Kaye's Nail Foiling Kit

Isn’t that great?  It cost me for the $14.00 including the box for all the above!  It’s fun to just look at, and from watching the vid’s on Youtube, I thought, this is going to be so easy!  My first few attempts bombed, and I tried several ideas I’d read online, including mixing polish with acetone for the glue, and no, that didn’t work for me, I probably had it mixed wrong….anyway, I finally decided that I should put a polish under the foil that was similar to the foil to help cover the huge areas that we’re sticking, and I kept trying.  So I was going with this wonder gold foil and used for my base color:  Zoya Richelle:  

Zoya ~ Richelle

This is just one coat of Richelle, covered really nice though didn’t it.  I waited for over an hour then I shook the glue really good, and applied to one finger at a time (to start) and OMG!  Every bit of it stuck!  Perfect foiling.  The most fingers I did at once was 2, I didn’t want to get ahead of the glue drying, have everything sticking to me, and hey, just because one finger worked, I wasn’t going to get to sure of myself!  Anyway, I did all 10 fingers, and this was the result:  

Gold nail foils

I am sitting here staring at this, I still can’t believe I did this.  For the foil application it took under an hour.  You need to cut them ahead of time and have everything ready.  

Ok, tips for success:  

  • I think it’s very wise to use a “base color” under the foil in case any of the foil doesn’t stick; you can go back and try to get it to “re-stick” but I didn’t have great luck with that.
  • Make sure you completely cover the nail with the glue, whatever brand, and wait the time they say to wait! 
  •  WAIT the  2-3 minutes the glue says to wait-before putting on the foil, I messed up a lot by not waiting.  The one I used looks like Elmer’s glue, it goes on white, and after the time stated it’s nearly clear…so you’ll know, if there is still white, I waited!
  • despite what I saw on many vid’s you need to rub gently over ALL area’s of the nail.  Without that slight pressure and rubbing, it just didn’t stick right; when I did it, I had no problem.
  • Finally, the Top coat!  I was concerned between the time I ordered the foils and received them that they weren’t going to work, as there is apparently no topcoat that will work with it.  I tried a huge list of them, all I had.  I also tried clear polish.  Then it happened, Nubar Diamont (link in fav’s) doesn’t eat through the foils, neither does Poshe base coat (the blue-bottle)!  Both held the foils on the same, didn’t eat through them, and didn’t give them that cracked looked-I did wait a good 15 minutes for the foils to dry before applying either of these.  Be advised, fast drying anything will not work.

So that’s it, it’s my first go at nail foiling, but I have a lot of foil, so look for more to come.  

My nail polish for you today is from the NEW  MAC Venomous Villains Collection, and it’s called Bad Fairy.  This is a gorgeous polish!  It went on like a dream, and no matter what the light, it looks a different color.  It’s a rose/magenta color with red.  Last night it the soft light it looked like a copper loaded with gold.  


…to sum it up, I LOVE this color, and may have to buy a spare!


Beauty from the Kitchen pt 2

The at home beauty tips were my most popular post, so I thought we’d do some more, let’s get right to it!

Fingernail whitening

Fingernail whitening (you had to see this coming):  Being a huge user of polish, I tend to have yellow fingernails, unless I take care of them.  Yes there are products on the market, but there are things in your kitchen and bathroom that also work!                                                                        

  • The first of these is denture cleaner tabs.  Soak your fingers in a bowl with the tabs for approx. 5 minutes, scrub with a soft nail brush or an old tooth-brush.
  • Speaking of old tooth-brush, get out that whitening tooth paste and old tooth-brush and gently brush nails with whitening paste to whiten.        
  • Finally, do you have any of those lemons left from your hair?  Soaking stained nails in lemon juice will work the same for bleaching nails as it does for hair and help to whiten those ten pretties up!   If the lemons are too used to squeeze, that’s ok, rub them on your nails, there are still juices in them that will get on your nails, leave on 10 minutes and wash off.

The Dr Oz Face Mask

For those Dr Oz watchers, (and who isn’t?)  You may have seen in a home remedy segment recently using  a facial mask consisting of honey/mango/sweet potato and wondered how to mix it; (they had a lumpy mess on the show)!  This is a more exacting way to mix the facial mask.  Take the following: 

  • 1 small mango
  • 1 small sweet potato cooked and peeled             
  • 3 to 5 Tablespoons honey  (organic is best)                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Scoop out the mango and potato flesh (the inside) discard the skins, combine with honey in food processor or blender and blend till smooth.  Use the honey adding more or less until slightly thicker. 

Apply to face for approximately 20 minutes, put your feet up and relax!  (WARNING: dogs will want to lick your face!) 

Rinse thoroughly with warm water then cool water.

This made enough for a mask a day for a week, actually more; however, at the end of the week, I discarded the bit that was left, as its preservative free and fresh.  Refrigerate!

 So how does it work?   Sweet potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and will calm down redness and acne.  Mango helps to fight free radicals which prevent wrinkles.  Finally as we learned earlier, honey is a natural antioxidant, with antiseptic properties and natural moisturizers.

I totally loved this mask; my skin felt so soft and not at all tight, really refreshed.  I’ll absolutely keep doing it.

You could also consider adding in some papaya and/or aloe for variations.

 The Ultimate Dry Skin Coconut Cleanser

If you’re like me, and you love these homemade beauty tips, the wonderful reasons they work and the fact that you aren’t risking the possibility of toxins you can get from pre-made products that are out dated, then stick with me and we’ll see what else we can come up with, this is one of my fav’s I hesitated to share, but ok, why not!  This is my coconut cleanser, I love love love the smell of coconut, so this is the one for me, here goes:

  • 6 Tsp extra virgin coconut oil
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 2 Tsp glycerin
  •  4 tsp water

(This will make a good weeks worth-discard after a week)

Combine all in a double boiler (if you have it on an extremely low flame and stir constantly, you can use a single pan-careful not to scorch).  Cook until all is melted and mixed together.  At this point, pour all in blender and mix the oils, mix for 2-3 minutes.  (Alternately, use a wire whisk is you don’t have a hand mixer or it spatters).  Once cool, pour into any container you can dip your fingers into.  *oh that smell*!

What does it do?  Well obviously it has a lot of oils so for dry skin, it’s full of moisture, but let’s look closer.             

  • Olive oil goes back to ancient Egypt and the days of Cleopatra; we know it’s great for not only skin but also nails, and hair.  Olive oil is high in antioxidants, including vitamin E. Antioxidants are nutritional powerhouses that protect against age-accelerating free radicals.
  •  Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and softener.   It is useful in fighting free-radicals; it will aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. The skin will become more evenly textured with a healthy “shine”.  While doing this the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.
  •  Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.  Glycerin is also highly “hygroscopic” which means that it absorbs water from the air. Example: if you left a bottle of pure glycerin exposed to air, it would pull moisture from the air and eventually, it would become 80 per glycerin and 20 percent water.  Therefore, this seemingly unimportant ingredient actually attracts and pulls in moisture!

 *Tip of the week* There is a goofy store online that is worth watching….this week, I found MAC lipstick for $5.00 and a 7 pack of nail polish for $10. The store is Amerimark.  Things I like, some of the prices, don’t buy until you know it’s a good price unless you know it is.  I also like that I can usually Google and find a $2-$3 coupon for shipping, no matter how what size the order.  I don’t like that they are slow shippers, or that you need to purchase insurance for shipping in case your parcel doesn’t arrive, but I do to be safe, it’s like 00.90.  Take a peek.

Nail polish of this post is…..

Nubar Vaso Nail Lacquer

This is Vaso from Nubar’s Venetian Glass Collection.  It is this gorgeous soft lavender color and YES, it’s a foil finish, got to love it!  Application was a dream, went on clean and neat.  This is 1 coat of Orly Ridgefiller/basecoat; 2 coats of the Vaso and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Oh one more quick tip….I’ll go into it more in-depth next time.  Let me just say, go to Zoya and check out spoons, keeping in mind they cost $0.50, however you get that back in coupon credit towards future polish orders.  The spoons are so cool.

That’s it for today!

Nail Marbling

Well I had planned to keep going with homemade  beauty tips, however, after spending some of the week playing with Water Marbling of Nails, I had to write it up!  I am going to try to share as many tips as I can that will help make it easier for you. 

Here is my first attempt: 

First Nail Marbling attempt

First Nail Marbling attempt

Well my teal, pink & tiny bit of silver looks like red, green & silver which equals Christmas in August, ugh.  But if it were December, not bad, not bad at all!  I missed cleaning a few spots, but other than that, they turned out ok!  So what did we do?

Ok first you need your supplies:

-Container of water (a disposable plastic cup works great, anything but styrofoam)  make sure it’s room temp, not straight out of the tap, .  I also discovered that for some reason unknown to me, bottled watered seems to work better, so I grabbed one from the fridge and just left it out for a couple of days until I needed it.

-You need your polishes, be prepared to experiment, as you see above, you don’t always get the results you expect!  Keep in mind that you are going to fly through a lot of polish, figure approximately 3-6 drops of polish per nail!  So you don’t want to use your Chanel!  I found that China Glaze works great, it disperses in the water great, some of the cheaper polishes also worked great, ie, PURE ICE where as ELF literally sunk to the bottom of the container and sat.  Bottom line, play with what you have a bit, find brands that work then go with the cheaper ones.                                             

-Toothpicks or orange sticks to swirl and make your pattern in the water and clean the water-a must!

-Scotch Tape!  Yes, I put that correctly, I mean you had to wonder how you could stick your finger in that water filled polish and not turn all colors, you need to tape your nail off.  Now as I can’t explain in words how this is done, I am going to refer you to who I think is the queen of water marbling and her video’s on You tube, start with her taping video, you can link to SimpleLittlePleasures and see exactly how it’s done.  Now as I keep managing to get my knuckles covered in the water/polish mix, I also keep a tube of chap stick handy, and prior to dipping, put that on those areas not taped, and afterwards, simply wipe clean.  While you’re at SimpleLittlePleasures video’s, check out her others for techniques on mixing the polish in water for designs.  She is great!!

-Finally for clean up, you’ll need acetone, cotton, a small brush and/or a polish correct pen.  You will still get a fair amount of color in the cuticle area, so after you put on your topcoat, and this is a must, you need to do a good just of cleaning up!  This isn’t too difficult as this is literally a thin-film of color.

My second attempt: 

Water marbling 2nd try

Water marbeling second try

Wow, now that is more like it!  But you know what?  That is baby blue and baby pink!  I thought that colors would be lighter watered down, not more intense, still, I love it!

So to recap, you need:

  1. A small container is great
  2. Bottled water-room temperature
  3. Several polishes to mix and match
  4. Clean up supples
  5. chap stick (optional)  
  6. Toothpicks or orange sticks                                                                                                                                                          

Have fun!

Nail of the week! 

From the Orly Cosmic FX collection for Fall, Space Cadet

Orly Space Cadet

Isn’t this awesome?  It’s from the new Orly Cosmic FX Collection for fall, it’s called Space Cadet.  It’s a gorgeous purple that is chucked full of pink shimmer.  Depending on how you move it, you get that wonderful chameleon effect and different colors!  This is a gorgeous collect, a bit pricey, I only bought two of them, wish I had bought it’s not rocket science, but at $10/bottle, I won’t be.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I hope you enjoyed and if you come up with any great tips for marbling, please do drop me a note and I’ll be sure to pass it on for everyone!

*special thanks to Rick for the photos!

Beauty from the Kitchen!

Recipes for beauty from your kitchen

Hi guys,  I told you we were shifting gears from nails, and we sure are!  We’re going to make our own beauty concoctions from the kitchen (& bathroom).  These are fun, healthy and time-tested!  So read them and try some, I think you’ll agree, you don’t need to spend much of anything to get that great look!  

When I was a teenager, I had a large stack of recipe card full of beauty ideas from the kitchen, and amazingly, I still have them.  So last week when Sissy suggested that we do facials with milk and hydrogen peroxide, I thought wow, what a great idea for the blog, beauty ideas from the kitchen!  Most will cost you little, as most ingredients will already be at hand!  So let’s see what stuff we have!  

  • The first one we’ll talk about is the first one that Sissy and I just did.  Take whole milk and hydrogen peroxide mix thoroughly, apply to face and neck with cotton ball, and leave on for 15 minutes, next rinse thoroughly.  You should do this daily for a week.  What does this do?  We all know Cleopatra was known for her beautiful white soft skin and took milk baths!  The milk is softening; the lactic acid acts as a slight exfoliator.  The peroxide is a whitener, a bleach; it works on age spots, slight acne spots and so on.  Sissy and I both liked this and gave it *****
  •  Another great facial that is a real great blast from my past is using oatmeal, honey and milk.   Take a few tablespoons of dry oatmeal, you don’t have to put them in a food processor, but it will be a much finer power that if nothing else will look nicer and will be easier to work with.  Add a small amount of equal parts of milk and honey until you have a fairly thick mixture (remember you don’t need a lot, it’s for your face!).  Spread this lovely mixture on your face and sit back and relax for a good 15-20 minutes.  *You may even want to put some cucumbers on your eyes while you’re relaxing* what does it do?   Honey is a natural antioxidant, with antiseptic properties and natural moisturizers wow, eh?!  Oatmeal acts as a non-pore clogging moisturizer.  It is calming to skin that is puffy or red.  And we all know from above milk with its lactic acid is a slight exfoliate and it whitener.  We messed up and got this a bit runny, but it still worked fine, we simply applied it with a cotton ball.  Again, we thought the results were *****.
  •  Easy and quick:  Want extra shine on you crowning glory?  Rinse it with beer!  That’s right!  Simply take a bottle or can and after shampooing and conditioning, pour it through and then rinse completely with cool water (you don’t want to smell drunk!).  What does it do?  Shampoo and conditioner will leave a build up on hair, particularly the conditioner, it has to in order to  work, that has a dulling effect.  Beer is an acid, and it will cut that dulling layer with repeat use, you should get some great shine!   I’d give this *** yes I do it-or use to!

Beauty & the beer


Lemon beauty!

-Another fast one?  If you are a blonde, finish your shampooing/conditioning by rinsing hair with a pitcher of water with a couple teaspoons of lemon juice mixed in.  If you’re a brunette, try adding a teaspoon or so of vinegar to about a quart of cool water and pour through as your final rinse – you can leave this in-both will give you great shine!

-I was born a strawberry blond, so of course I wanted to be a “California blonde” however the spray on products that supposedly worked with the sun turned my hair an awful shade of orange.  Finally my mom got sick of seeing me waste my money and seeing my frustration and yet knowing dumb kid that I was I was going to keep trying, so she said, use lemon juice!   So we squeezed about 4 lemons, strained them and combined the juice in a spray bottle until full with water.   I would spray my hair before going out to tan.  Ok, now a couple things….disclaimers.  First, we all know now that large amounts of sun are NOT good for us, and if you are going to be in the sun, use a good sun screen.  If you are going to use the lemon juice, it’s extremely drying, so I wouldn’t use it if you’re prone to dry hair; even if you have oily hair, when you’re finished sunbathing, wash the juice out and condition!   How does it work?  Again, acid, the acid in the lemon acts to make dark blonde hair lighter; it won’t do a lot for brunettes, it may add some highlights.  I am only going to give this *** due to sun damage and so on.

-Last I have my nail polish of the week.  It’s kind of hard for me to do with this cast on my foot, and my foot elevated,  while balancing the topcoat, polish, basecoat and all on a lap desk, but I am doing my best, so bear with me please.  

Click on pix to enlarge! 

China Glaze Jitterbug

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It’s a deep silvery gray with a lot of blue undertones.  You can’t see it well in the pic, but the glitter is blinding!  It’s from their new 2010 fall collection!!  


Another view of China Glaze Jitterbug


Nails nails and more nails pt 3 quick drying products

Yeap  I am back,  it took me longer than a week, but I am here 😮  Well it’s still hot in the deep south, ish.  And there are daily storms which scare the dogs, poor babies….  Sissy, my friend and helper and I have been spending our days just watching TV, doing facials, trying products and of course mani’s.  Oh and of course what I love to call “window shopping.”  It’s different from the kind my mom did, she’d walk around malls and look in windows…we both sit with a laptop on some form of Microsoft windows and shop!  Anyway, I made it through one week in this cast and my foot feels worse-so I am thinking I should call the surgeon tomorrow.   

Ok!  Let’s move on to what our today’s topic is, quick drying nail products.  I’ll tell you right now,  I am highly prejudice, I couldn’t exist without them.    

Assorted products for speeding mani dry time

Assorted products for speeding mani dry time

(left to right) Ulta Quick-e dry drops;  Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI
Speed Dry Drops;  Opi Rapid Dry Spray Quick Fast;  Zoya Hurry Up Drops and  OPI Quick Dry Drops.   

  • Ok, with apologies to Ulta, there drops were the only one’s I truly disliked.  I disliked them so much, I threw them out!  They were a greasy sloppy mess, and the dispenser that I am sure they thought was ingenious, was also a sloppy mess, even before using it, the bottle was all oily.  The product was so greasy, I was all oily it was just a mess-I’ll give them * for having a unique dispenser idea-it doesn’t work, but they tried.
  • The Sally Hansen Insta-dri were the first product of its kind I found, and I was in idiots heaven!  Wow, drops that made a mani dry quicker!  Are they great, NO!  But they gave me hope!  haha!  They made it dry to touch in approximately 5 minutes, but back then, it was a Yahoo!  I have to give it **1/2 for being there and it may have improved since I lase used it.
  • Next is the OPI spray Rapid dry, I believe these sprays were around a while before the drops, they are ok, but pale in comparison to the drops.  I keep some on hand in case I am in a huge hurry, I’ll use the drops and a quick mist, I’ll also give them **1/2, at least it’s not real messy, although it too does have oil in it.
  • The Zoya Hurry up Drops are what I have been using, and I really like them.  My mani will dry to the touch in about a minute, by that I mean you can gently use them, pick up key and so forth, but not do anything that will gouge them, give that a good hour, depending on how many coats of polish you have on, it could take more.  It of course has the oil that conditions your cuticle, but it has the right amount, not a sloppy amount, I found if I wait about 5 minutes most will soak in, otherwise a gentle massage will work the rest in.  I have to give these *****.
  • Finally we have the Opi Drip Dry Drops.  They are equal in every way to the  Zoya Hurry up Drops; the mani will dry to touch and light use in a minute and to full use in about an hour depending again number of coats in your mani.  A great product!  This product too deserves *****.

Below are some gorgeous polishes I used in mani’s on myself with either the Zoya or the OPI drops to get them dry quick!   

Nubar Indigo Illusion

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It’s almost chameleon like, the way it changes colors from blue to purple with gold, gorgeous!   



Nfu Oh 53

Isn’t this sort of awesome?  And really your can’t get the big picture…first, it’s Zoya Tallula (2 coats) with the Nfu Oh over that.  It has way more spark and color than we were able to pick up on the camera.  But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again!



China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

OMG!  I love this polish!  My new love….foils.  And this and Orly Rage are foils.  They go on so easy, and stay on so nicely.  If anyone knows of a line of foils, please let me know…otherwise, companies, you need to get to work on that, you’ve done metallics, glitters, holographics, creams and so on, we need moe foils, they are gorgeous!   

Til later!!  We’ll be switching gears to a totally different topic!   





Nails nails and more nails pt 2 topcoats

I’m back!  Through heat and cast and pain, I keep working on this for you all 🙂  But seriously folks, what is a mani without topcoat?  The answer…a short lasting one.  And just like with basecoats, there are good and bad ones.  As always, these are just my experiences with the products I speak of, but I’ll do my best to tell you how they went for me.  

Assorted Topcoats

Assorted Topcoats

From upper left to lower right we have Seche Vite, Poshe topcoat, and Sally Hansen quick dry topcoat.  

I’ve used a lot more, but decided to go with the ones I use and like to love.  So let’s go.  

The Sally Hansen is fast drying, and was the first I found, without it, I may have given up mani’s.  So I am grateful to it!  However, it doesn’t have the sleek finish I’ve come to expect when I run my fingers over nails; and it certainly doesn’t have the super high gloss finish that I demand.  Still I’ll give it *** simply for being there and saving my sanity!  

In the Center is Poshe, it “reads” like a dream (the following is from the Poshe site):                                                                

New Generation Topcoat!
Dries Manicure Completely in 5 to 6 Minutes!

  • Dries To The Touch in 1 Minute
  • Dries To The Nail in 5 Minutes
  • Highest Gloss Of Any Product On The Market
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No Toluene
  • No Nitrocellulose
  • Cannot turn yellow, even in tanning beds.
  • 2 UV Inhibitors
  • 2 U.S. Patents
  • Chip Resistant
  • Protects Nails
  • Self-Leveling
  • Non-Dragging
  • Ideal For Nail Art
  • No UV Lights or Heated Dryers Needed
  • A True Topcoat – Must be applied over polish or basecoat
  • 5 Time Winner – Allure Magazine’s

WOW!  I have this product and I use anything else?  I am not in heaven?  Well no.  It dries relatively quickly,  but completely in 5-6 minutes?  No way!  I haven’t found anything that does that unless that’s all that is on the nail!  If you have on your basecoat, two coats of polish and topcoat, it’s going to take a good hour to completely dry, and even then, I’d be careful, that’s why doing nails before bed is such a good idea, they have all night to dry!  It does dry to the touch in about a minute.  

However, one coat does not give me that sleek finish I want to feel when I run my fingers over it, nor does it give me that wonderful glossy shine.  So we’ll give it ****  

Now we come to Seche Vite (French for fast drying).  So far, this is still my favorite, hands down.  This stuff makes my nails so sleek, gee they are fun to feel!  And the shine is second to none!  Yes, I love Seche.  It doesn’t dry instantly, well let’s see what they claim…(from the Seche site):       

‘Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat is widely acknowledged as the world’s finest top coat. Its patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.’ 

Wow, not a lot of claims, but the stuff is great.  Funny story!  I had put on some nail art stickers, and put Seche Vite over them (not thinking about the part about it penetrates through the nail polish to the basecoat and forms a solid coating over the nail plate, well yes it did!  It went even further than that, the stickers ended up embedded in my fingernails, I mean they became a part of me.  While they were nice stickers, I didn’t want they as tat’s on my nails!  And wow it took so much work to get them off.  So now if I use decals or stickers, I use a cheap thin topcoat to secure them. 


Ok, here are a few polishes with Seche Vite as the topcoat.  

Orly Rage

Orly Rage

        Isn’t this a WOW polish?!  It’s a foil look, that’s a rose gold color.  I used Seche Vite on top.  And the sticker is on a nail I messed up :o)  


Zoya Pru

Pru Nail Polish with Seche Vite and another sticker over an oops!
Can you see that gold in that color?  Gorgeous!  I love deep jewel tones.  


Ok, that’s it for today!  Next we’ll do my absolute fav product when it comes to mani’s and ped’s, quick drying products, I think Pulitzer prize would be in order!  Hehe.  Ok, ready, set, polish those nails! 

Nails nails and more nails!

Hi guys, 

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it, over a week!  But I have a real reason, not just the weather….I ruptured my Achilles tendon-ouch!  I am supposed to be in surgery….now, but that didn’t pan out, so instead, I am in a HUGE, HEAVY cast, and here it comes, it’s hot!  So I thought I’d take this time and blog using some pix I had ahead-the thoughts however are new!! 

So ok, you saw from the title of this that’s it’s about nails, and I know, I’ve already sent you to watch a video of doing the perfect mani, so you’re asking what’s left?  Well let me tell you, products!  One thing I hate is when I am reading and it says, for instance,  “use a good basecoat” but doesn’t name one.  Then the one I use turns my nails green or whatever color my polish was-ugh.  So I am going to show you some I’ve used and tell you how they’d worked for me. 

So let’s start at the beginning:  

Assorted Basecoats

Assorted Basecoats

Ok, from left to right we have Poshe, Avon Adhesive, Orly Bonder, Seche Clear, Sally Hansen Complete 4-in-1 and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength. 

  • I started with the Sally Hansen Diamond strength as it was at the Drug Store and I’d heard of it.  It was ok, I didn’t get discoloration, but it didn’t keep the polish from chipping good at all.  So we’ll give it ***
  • Next I tried the Avon Experts Adhesive Basecoat, and for me,  it just wasn’t impressive, yes it stuck good but not for long, about equal to Sally Hansen, although, I did get some discoloration of my nails using this product.  This one because of the discoloration gets **
  • Next came the Seche Clear, I love their top coat, but not so the basecoat,  unless I got a really bad bottle, it was the consistency or water; it literally ran off-I couldn’t test it-terrible stuff.  Sorry Seche *
  • Ok, I thought I’d found it with the Orly Bonder, this will hold your polish on for up to two weeks, you may need a bit of touching up, but nothing major.  However, if you hate yellow nails, this is not the thing to use.  The Bonder it’s self is yellow in color, I don’t know if this adds to it or not, but I ended up buying Dr G’s whitener to get them whiter again-eck!  So rats, still not the one.  For holding it gets ***
  • Alrighty, then came the Poshe!  Not bad!  Polish held good, no real color bleeding through to my nails that I could see, it’s just slow drying, so I had to try more…it gets ****
  • Right now I am using Sally Hansen’s Complete 4-in-1 and I’ll have to say I love it!  My nails are staying totally natural nail colored!  (Why this is important to me when I always have a color on, I have no clue, but it is.)  The polish is staying on great, it seems to really be doing a good job of strengthening-I think this will be the one!    although not perfect we’ll give it **** 1/2  I am not using it as a topcoat, it may be fine, I just have my favs.

Ok, those are the tried and how they’ve worked for me, now I’ll have to ‘fess up and say I just started trying Nail tek foundation II, but it’s too soon for me to judge it, the others I used for at least a month each.  This has a ridge filler in it, but I don’t think it fills any better than Poshe or Sally Hansen Complete 4-in-1. 

Ok, POLISH!  Could there be more brands?  I didn’t realize it until I turned into a junkie.  Do I think say Nars is better than the cheap stuff at Walmart?  No, not really, I think you’re basically paying for the name.  I want to say you’re paying for more color or technology and in some cases, I think that might be true, but for the most part, you can pay $3 and get a great bottle and huge assortment of polish.  These are a few of my well over a hundred… 


China Glaze Carnival Lights

China Glaze Carnival Lights

This is a bright pinkish-red gel polish with a rainbow of glitter. If you like bright and glitter like I do, this is a must!
China Glaze Yee Haw

China Glaze Yee Haw

A gorgeous spicy orange color, I love one!  



China Glaze Dorothy Who?

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection

From China Glaze’s Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection, this is a drop dead gorgeous deep teal blue with tons of glitter, I could melt!  


Essie Lilacism

Essie Lilacism

A gorgeous soft creamy lilac from Essie-love it!  

Zoya Blyss

I love this color…it’s a deep pink…purple…fushia!  It’s gorgeous. 
Ok that’s it for today!  Later I’ll continue and rate topcoats!!  Then there are polish removers and quick dry products, oh aren’t you getting excited?!  ROFL! 

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