Nails nails and more nails pt 3 quick drying products

Yeap  I am back,  it took me longer than a week, but I am here 😮  Well it’s still hot in the deep south, ish.  And there are daily storms which scare the dogs, poor babies….  Sissy, my friend and helper and I have been spending our days just watching TV, doing facials, trying products and of course mani’s.  Oh and of course what I love to call “window shopping.”  It’s different from the kind my mom did, she’d walk around malls and look in windows…we both sit with a laptop on some form of Microsoft windows and shop!  Anyway, I made it through one week in this cast and my foot feels worse-so I am thinking I should call the surgeon tomorrow.   

Ok!  Let’s move on to what our today’s topic is, quick drying nail products.  I’ll tell you right now,  I am highly prejudice, I couldn’t exist without them.    

Assorted products for speeding mani dry time

Assorted products for speeding mani dry time

(left to right) Ulta Quick-e dry drops;  Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI
Speed Dry Drops;  Opi Rapid Dry Spray Quick Fast;  Zoya Hurry Up Drops and  OPI Quick Dry Drops.   

  • Ok, with apologies to Ulta, there drops were the only one’s I truly disliked.  I disliked them so much, I threw them out!  They were a greasy sloppy mess, and the dispenser that I am sure they thought was ingenious, was also a sloppy mess, even before using it, the bottle was all oily.  The product was so greasy, I was all oily it was just a mess-I’ll give them * for having a unique dispenser idea-it doesn’t work, but they tried.
  • The Sally Hansen Insta-dri were the first product of its kind I found, and I was in idiots heaven!  Wow, drops that made a mani dry quicker!  Are they great, NO!  But they gave me hope!  haha!  They made it dry to touch in approximately 5 minutes, but back then, it was a Yahoo!  I have to give it **1/2 for being there and it may have improved since I lase used it.
  • Next is the OPI spray Rapid dry, I believe these sprays were around a while before the drops, they are ok, but pale in comparison to the drops.  I keep some on hand in case I am in a huge hurry, I’ll use the drops and a quick mist, I’ll also give them **1/2, at least it’s not real messy, although it too does have oil in it.
  • The Zoya Hurry up Drops are what I have been using, and I really like them.  My mani will dry to the touch in about a minute, by that I mean you can gently use them, pick up key and so forth, but not do anything that will gouge them, give that a good hour, depending on how many coats of polish you have on, it could take more.  It of course has the oil that conditions your cuticle, but it has the right amount, not a sloppy amount, I found if I wait about 5 minutes most will soak in, otherwise a gentle massage will work the rest in.  I have to give these *****.
  • Finally we have the Opi Drip Dry Drops.  They are equal in every way to the  Zoya Hurry up Drops; the mani will dry to touch and light use in a minute and to full use in about an hour depending again number of coats in your mani.  A great product!  This product too deserves *****.

Below are some gorgeous polishes I used in mani’s on myself with either the Zoya or the OPI drops to get them dry quick!   

Nubar Indigo Illusion

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It’s almost chameleon like, the way it changes colors from blue to purple with gold, gorgeous!   



Nfu Oh 53

Isn’t this sort of awesome?  And really your can’t get the big picture…first, it’s Zoya Tallula (2 coats) with the Nfu Oh over that.  It has way more spark and color than we were able to pick up on the camera.  But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again!



China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea

OMG!  I love this polish!  My new love….foils.  And this and Orly Rage are foils.  They go on so easy, and stay on so nicely.  If anyone knows of a line of foils, please let me know…otherwise, companies, you need to get to work on that, you’ve done metallics, glitters, holographics, creams and so on, we need moe foils, they are gorgeous!   

Til later!!  We’ll be switching gears to a totally different topic!   






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