Nails nails and more nails!

Hi guys, 

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it, over a week!  But I have a real reason, not just the weather….I ruptured my Achilles tendon-ouch!  I am supposed to be in surgery….now, but that didn’t pan out, so instead, I am in a HUGE, HEAVY cast, and here it comes, it’s hot!  So I thought I’d take this time and blog using some pix I had ahead-the thoughts however are new!! 

So ok, you saw from the title of this that’s it’s about nails, and I know, I’ve already sent you to watch a video of doing the perfect mani, so you’re asking what’s left?  Well let me tell you, products!  One thing I hate is when I am reading and it says, for instance,  “use a good basecoat” but doesn’t name one.  Then the one I use turns my nails green or whatever color my polish was-ugh.  So I am going to show you some I’ve used and tell you how they’d worked for me. 

So let’s start at the beginning:  

Assorted Basecoats

Assorted Basecoats

Ok, from left to right we have Poshe, Avon Adhesive, Orly Bonder, Seche Clear, Sally Hansen Complete 4-in-1 and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength. 

  • I started with the Sally Hansen Diamond strength as it was at the Drug Store and I’d heard of it.  It was ok, I didn’t get discoloration, but it didn’t keep the polish from chipping good at all.  So we’ll give it ***
  • Next I tried the Avon Experts Adhesive Basecoat, and for me,  it just wasn’t impressive, yes it stuck good but not for long, about equal to Sally Hansen, although, I did get some discoloration of my nails using this product.  This one because of the discoloration gets **
  • Next came the Seche Clear, I love their top coat, but not so the basecoat,  unless I got a really bad bottle, it was the consistency or water; it literally ran off-I couldn’t test it-terrible stuff.  Sorry Seche *
  • Ok, I thought I’d found it with the Orly Bonder, this will hold your polish on for up to two weeks, you may need a bit of touching up, but nothing major.  However, if you hate yellow nails, this is not the thing to use.  The Bonder it’s self is yellow in color, I don’t know if this adds to it or not, but I ended up buying Dr G’s whitener to get them whiter again-eck!  So rats, still not the one.  For holding it gets ***
  • Alrighty, then came the Poshe!  Not bad!  Polish held good, no real color bleeding through to my nails that I could see, it’s just slow drying, so I had to try more…it gets ****
  • Right now I am using Sally Hansen’s Complete 4-in-1 and I’ll have to say I love it!  My nails are staying totally natural nail colored!  (Why this is important to me when I always have a color on, I have no clue, but it is.)  The polish is staying on great, it seems to really be doing a good job of strengthening-I think this will be the one!    although not perfect we’ll give it **** 1/2  I am not using it as a topcoat, it may be fine, I just have my favs.

Ok, those are the tried and how they’ve worked for me, now I’ll have to ‘fess up and say I just started trying Nail tek foundation II, but it’s too soon for me to judge it, the others I used for at least a month each.  This has a ridge filler in it, but I don’t think it fills any better than Poshe or Sally Hansen Complete 4-in-1. 

Ok, POLISH!  Could there be more brands?  I didn’t realize it until I turned into a junkie.  Do I think say Nars is better than the cheap stuff at Walmart?  No, not really, I think you’re basically paying for the name.  I want to say you’re paying for more color or technology and in some cases, I think that might be true, but for the most part, you can pay $3 and get a great bottle and huge assortment of polish.  These are a few of my well over a hundred… 


China Glaze Carnival Lights

China Glaze Carnival Lights

This is a bright pinkish-red gel polish with a rainbow of glitter. If you like bright and glitter like I do, this is a must!
China Glaze Yee Haw

China Glaze Yee Haw

A gorgeous spicy orange color, I love one!  



China Glaze Dorothy Who?

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection

From China Glaze’s Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection, this is a drop dead gorgeous deep teal blue with tons of glitter, I could melt!  


Essie Lilacism

Essie Lilacism

A gorgeous soft creamy lilac from Essie-love it!  

Zoya Blyss

I love this color…it’s a deep pink…purple…fushia!  It’s gorgeous. 
Ok that’s it for today!  Later I’ll continue and rate topcoats!!  Then there are polish removers and quick dry products, oh aren’t you getting excited?!  ROFL! 

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